Thursday, May 30, 2013

Went for a Run

After the workout on Monday I had a pain in my upper back. It was a very sharp point pain in between the shoulder blades on the left side, so nothing related to any problems I have had before. I decide to skip any kind of upper body work on Wednesday to avoid using it and let it heal. I went at lunch time to a nearby lake and ran 2.5 miles. It was hot, maybe 90 degrees, and the pollen was so thick you could just see it in the air. I completed the run in a average pace of 8:19 which is a bit on the slow side for me. The first 2:00 split was reported as something above 10:00 by mapmyrun and after that my splits were where I would expect. I never did make up for that slow start though. the back feels fine today so I guess the rest worked. I assume it was from the pull-ups although I did also do thrusters. I have a hockey game tonight so I might do a workout tomorrow evening but probably not in the morning.

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