Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tuesday Yoga

The MIL was staying at the house in the basement last night so I did not want to get up and work out down there at 0530 and wake her up. Instead I went to a 1 1/4 hour yoga class. It was very good and I think I will try to keep adding in some stretching and yoga on a regular basis. We might still do a workout tonight, I will let you know. This is one of the reasons doing this at home instead of the gym is appealing, if I can't get to the gym I am stuck but at home I can do the workout any time. I am still working with AgainFaster to try to get these bumper plates taken care of. They asked for pictures of all the plates that won't fit. I went home and set up both bars, we have a 6' and a 7' bar, and tried every plate on every position. Turns out that only the 15# plates fit everywhere. Some of the plates fit one bar and some neither but none fit all the positions. The customer service rep from AgainFaster is now asking if I have a way to measure the inside diameter of the plates. I am looking for some calipers but not having much luck. They also asked me what type of bars I have so I suspect they are thinking it is a problem with the bar not the plates. Seems to me that they are probably both off a bit since the 15# plates seem to fit no problem. My bars are both CAP bars which are not great but it seems that if they can ship some bumpers that fit they should be able to ship all bumpers that fit. alternatively, if this is a known issue they should let you know that on their site before you make the purchase, i.e. tell you they are not guaranteed to fit if you don't use their bar. The problem at this point is I can't use them. The bumpers also have a pretty strong rubber/chemical smell and they seem to leave a good bit of black on my hands when I handle them. I am not sure what that is about but not sure I like it.

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