Sunday, May 26, 2013

Not at Home

We are staying at the mother-in-laws for a bit this weekend so I did a bit of a road workout today. I typically do this one, or a variation, when I am on travel for work. The workout is a run with 50 burpees sandwiched in the middle. I typically do 1 mile on each side of the burpees but today I ran a total of 3 miles. I completed it in 28:37 according to mapmyrun. I had the voice on the app set to give me 2:00 split times and I know I was doing 7:30-7:45 splits on the first half. I stopped at 1.59 miles for the burpees and did them in 4 sets 15,15,10,10 with just a 5 second or so break in between. I started off slow on the back half with a first split time of maybe 9:00 I think but most of the splits reported by the app on the back half were about 8:00. Last time I did this, read about it here, I completed a 2 mile version in 19:50. That means that extra mile added something like 8:47 to the time. I think I can do better than that, I will have to try this one again. For a summary of the workout or the map you can look at the mapmyrun log here.

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