Thursday, September 30, 2010

Slight Modification this Week

So I did not work out Monday because I had a game Sunday and was still pretty ragged Monday. Last night I did the following.

Hamstring Curl (Stability Ball)/Pull-Up
Hip Bridge on Stability Ball/Bench Press
Shoulder Press/Calf Raise
Bicycle Kick/Superman
Knee Ups/Prison Cell Push-Ups

Each pair was done as a superset as before with 3 sets of each and Prison Cells were max for 1 minute.

On a side note I am thinking about trying to do one or both of these events next year, probably the shorter of the 2 first as a warm up for the other. Warrior Dash (shorter/easier) and Tough Mudder (Bad Ass)


  1. Woah dude, are bicycle kicks part of the program? What day are you on? You should follow my blog and give me some of those crazy other exercises so I can really get that muscle confusion on!!

    peace out!

    p.s. tough mudder, lol, awesome.

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