Friday, February 26, 2010

Getting Back At It

Well as my last post said we slacked off pretty good on vacation. Perhaps, based on some comments I got I was a little unclear as to what we were doing. We decided to make the vacation into an actual vacation and took the week off from the exercises and were less strict on the food for the week as well. We are not feeling guilty about this and we had every intention of starting back up when we returned this week. I say had because upon returning home we all, including the 2 kids, came down with a stomach virus for a few days which means we did nothing this week either (nothing like a house full of vomiting when you only have 1 bathroom). On the bright side the stomach virus more than made up for the lax nutrition last week and neither of us has put on any weight. we have yet to discus this but I think we will restart the 12 week program we were 3 weeks into previously on Monday assuming we are all feeling completely better by then.

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