Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Round 2, Day 16, Cardio X & Ab Ripper X

I like this Cardio X workout and it goes by real fast. It is over before you know it and you are sweating like hell and feeling good. I do admit it is easier than other cardio workouts like Plyo but it is a good one to do to maintain some cardio while trying to put on some muscle like we are now. Ab Ripper is just an ass kicker. It is still amazing to me how one time I do this and feel great and then the next time I can barely get through some of the exercises. I did something in the middle tonight and my stomach is tore up right now. I don't think all the snow shoveling has helped me much over the weekend and it looks like I am going to be shoveling a shitload of snow again tomorrow, it is coming down hard tight now.

I am feeling a little guilty about our upcoming vacation because we are seeing some results now, my arms are looking bigger or at least shaped differently now. I am hoping the vacation doesn't set us back but I need to remember this is not a race but a lifetime trip. I think there is a gym there we can use a couple days to make sure we don't lose any ground and then we can hit it real hard when we get back.

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