Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Round 2, Day 10, Cardio X & Ab Ripper X

This workout really flies by. It seemed like we just started and we were done. I do feel like it is a pretty good workout although a little less intense than the ones from the P90X Classic program. This is a good cardio routine to have in a maintenance phase though, or a mass building phase like we are in. As far as Ab Ripper, will this damn thing ever get any easier??? This is a great core workout and short too. I am looking to get my hands on something else for this though just to keep things fresh and new. It is kind of tiring doing the same ab workout all the time.

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  1. Hi Scott--great blog. What were your results like from following the program? Would you mind sharing your results on my website at If you have a review, pictures from your results or whatever that would be great! I am trying to help others learn about the power of this incredible program. Thanks and I look forward to your review. keep up the good work!