Monday, March 1, 2010

Rewind, Day 1, Round 2

We started back in with round 2 last night at the beginning. In case you do not recall we are not doing the classic P90X schedule but are instead following the modified schedule given in one of the P90X newsletters here. It is pretty amazing what a couple weeks off can do as far as taking a step back, I am sure throwing in a bit of puking and starvation due to stomach flu does not help either. we both were back to about where we were the first week of round 2 before and Sarah had to take it a little easier on a few things due to still having a bit of soreness in the back but we did it and it felt good to get back at it. I also weighed myself this morning and came in at a whopping 147.8 pounds, again amazing what stomach flu does to you. On another note we just accepted an offer to sell our house and will be settling on April 6th. At that point we will be moving into my mother in laws house and we have no pull-up bars there so it should be interesting to see what we can figure out as far as continuing once we move in there, we will figure something out.

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  1. We're (me, wife, 6 mo old daughter) are currently living with my in-laws as well. It's a temporary situation that was a necessary as we just moved back to the U.S. from Canada and we knew me getting a job in MI would be tough. Thankfully the pull up bar isn't an issue here. Just privacy :)