Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I failed to post about this yesterday but I was invited by my sister to go to her gym and do some swimming. I have not swam in years, other than getting in the pool and playing with the kids. I used to swim a lot and actually was working as a lifeguard instructor for a period of time. My sister recently started training for triathlons and started learning to swim and wanted me to join her for some training. I went with here and ended up doing something like 600 meters in various 25 meter, 50 meter, and 100 meter sets. I had a tough time with my breathing, it is not like riding a bike, but it was fun and a good workout. My sister mentioned I could get some visitor passes for her gym if I want to go again and I think I may try to work that in as a more regular part of my workout, maybe a couple times a month or something. Who knows, I might even be able to do something like once a week.

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