Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Workout

Started the warm up with 200 jump rope singles followed by 3 rounds:

  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 PVC arm circles
  • 12 air squats
The workout was then 3 rounds for time:

  • 800 meters
  • 16 abmat sit-ups
  • 18 walking lunges (35#)
The workout I got this from called for 45# on the walking lunges but I used my kettlebell which is 35# mostly because it is simpler to hold onto doing the lunges than anything else I have. I suppose I could use a dumbbell next time. I completed the workout in 15:38 and did not really stop at all throughout although I am sure my last 800 meters was way slower than my first.

I have been a bit lazy about the schedule and maintaining a set workout routine. I am currently looking into some things and might set up a much more regimented schedule after my vacation next week. It is not like I have not been working out but it has been sort of all over the place.

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