Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday, First at Home Crossfit

Well, all the gear showed up yesterday and when I took a look last night at the gym web site it looked like a perfect workout for home. I had to jump on Google Earth to measure some running distances but I have a pretty good idea where a 400, 200 and 100 out distance are now. There was no warm up on the site so I came up with one on my own. We did 100 jump rope singles followed by 3 rounds:

  • 10 air squats
  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 walking lunges
The workout was called an 800 meter run sandwich:

Run 800 meters

  • Kettlebell swings (53/35)
  • Weighted overhead abmat sit-ups (30/20)
  • pull-ups
Run 800 meters

I did 35# on the kettlebell swings and started with 30# on the sit-ups but switched to 20# after the first round of 21. I also did jumping pull-ups. Sarah skipped the 21 rep round and started at 18. She did 18# kettlebell swing round one then 8# for a few rounds and then finished back up with the 18# for the last 3 rounds. She used no weight on the sit-ups and we both did jumping pull-ups. I finished in 27:56 and Sarah finished in 36:00. We finished off with a bunch of stretching. I don't know how I did compared to others at the gym because there are no times up yet. Will be interesting to know if I was pushing hard enough, felt pretty tough.

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