Monday, January 17, 2011

Back for another round, Day 1

I just had a look back at the blog and it looks like we have been off the wagon since the middle of October. we were discussing this last night and couldn't believe how quickly the time went by. If you remember we were both having some issues with injuries when we stopped, Sarah had a shoulder issue and I had a knee problem. Sarah seems to be good on the shoulder front and for the most part my knee seems to be good although I don't think I will be doing too much running for a while. We also let the nutrition side of things slip, over the holidays especially, while we were on this break. Bottom line is we are both a bit on the squishy side and I weighed in this morning at 163 pounds which is at least 8 above where I should be. So with that in mind we are back at it. we are also signed up for a Warrior Dash in May so we don't want to get out there for that and make fools of ourselves. May try to sign up for something in the fall as well since this seems to be a pretty good motivator to get back on the program.

We did the Chest and back workout last night along with ab-ripper. We did a little better than I was expecting given the amount of time we have been off and the number of holiday parties full of garbage food we have been to. We clearly lost some strength but the push ups an pull ups went pretty well. When we got the ab ripper part it was a different story. We got our asses handed to up pretty well by the ab ripper routine but since we do it 3 times a week I am guessing that will come back pretty quickly. My triceps are pretty damn sore today as well as my upper back but it feels good. It felt really good to be working out again last night as well after having been off for so long. We started last night instead of today because I have hockey tonight so there will be no workout today. we will try to stay as close to the schedule as possible though for the 90 days and get on the nutrition strictly as well. The nutrition will probably take us a couple days to get back into strictly but we will get there. As I have mentioned, as have others, the nutrition is probably the most important part of losing the extra pounds especially the last few. Glad to be back at it.

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