Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 2, Plyo

Well that was a humbling experience. If you look back through my historical posts you will note that this has always been my favorite workout but I also have never done it coming off of an actual break from working out. We have not worked out in 3 months other than Sundays day 1 and man did this plyo workout put the smack down on our asses. This is the only time, including the first time we did this workout in the first round, that I ever had to do modified moves on any of this. I was always able to complete each exercise as prescribed but not this time. It was only a few things I had to modify though and I did still do them even if in the modified form. at one point when I was doing a modified move Sarah asked if I wanted her to skip that section, that is why she is not the motivator of the two of us. It felt good to do this workout again though and I am looking forward to seeing the improvements as we move ahead. What I am not so much sure I am looking forward to is tonights hockey game because my legs are likely to be getting sore by then.


  1. Yes, I just got back into P90X also and Plyo kicked my butt the first day too. Good luck with this cycle of P90X!

  2. I just started P90X also. Good luck to both you guys.