Monday, January 17, 2011

Long term burn

Read an interesting article in the NY Times here. I have, over the past couple years, read a lot about exercise and weight loss and this claim that people who exercise continue to burn calories long after finishing the workout is fairly pervasive in the fitness community. This research and the one of a kind machine used to execute it seems to contradict that, sort of. If I read this right you do get long term burn IF you exercise intensely and not if you exercise moderately. The other thing I get from this article is that even if you don't get the extra burn people who exercise vigorously have a warm feeling for hours after their workout is done. My conclusion is unchanged by all of this. Exercising intensely makes me feel good all day long. It also burns lots more calories while I am doing it than if I don't go as intensely. Finally the key to weight loss remains unchanged, diet. The nutrition is the key and the exercise is the support for it so work hard during every workout but pay very close attention to you diet and eat smart if you want good results.

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  1. Hi, My husband and I both started P90x a couple of weeks ago. My husband has stuck with it.. not missing one single day and I think he is now on weeks 6. Me on the other hand.. took one day off cause I didn't have time.. that shot the whole P90X motivation down to a big fat "0"
    But I am back again this is my third day I am doing the lean workouts. So far I absolutely hate yoga x.. but I feel great after I finish.