Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 1, again

Feeling much better now after the stomach flu and we did the day 1 workout, chest and back, again yesterday. I think it went a little better than last week but am sure we will be sore as hell again tomorrow. The ab ripper workout, while still a horrible struggle was better than last week and should get better real fast doing it 3 times a week. We started on Sunday because I have hockey on Tuesday so we will do Plyo tonight and then resume the regular schedule on Wednesday. We have been doing well with the nutrition with the exception of pizza Saturday night when we had some friends over but that kind of thing will happen from time to time and we are not going to go crazy about things. I also still have a couple Sam Adams in the refrigerator that I will probably finish of at some point over the next couple weeks, maybe super bowl. Nice to be back at it, it feels good to get those muscles doing something again.

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