Friday, March 12, 2010

Round 2, Day 11

We were supposed to do Legs and Back last night but my legs were, and still are, feeling pretty tore up after doing Plyo for the first time in over a month so we switched it up a bit. We did Back and Biceps last night along with the Ab Ripper X we did not do the other night after Plyo and we will do the Legs and Back workout Saturday. Last night was a good workout as far as Back and Bicep and we both bumped up weights and or reps on most exercises. Ab Ripper X was another story. I think I have mentioned before, and Tony talks about it a bit during the DVD, that this workout works your upper legs a good bit as well. It is really more of a core workout than just abs but that can be a problem if your legs are feeling like ours were. We pushed through and did pretty well, better than when we first started this but not as good as we were at the peak for sure. By the time it was over we were both sort of laying on the floor like a pile of jello or something, kind of like this.

We will be taking the day off today to go and do a little house hunting, should be fun.

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