Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fran plus some

Warmed up with a bunch of jumping jacks and then a bunch of stretching today. The workout was Fran plus a mile. Fran is 21-15-9:

  • Thrusters(95/65)
  • pull-ups
So you do 3 rounds with 21 reps of each exercise the first time, 15 the second, and 9 the third. I dropped the weight on the thrusters to 78#, I am still a lazy ass, and did most of the pull-ups jumping with a slow negative. I completed this in 8:40 which is pretty slow by crossfit standards but I was sweating like a pig and felt like I was getting a good workout so I don't really care. The fran portion was followed up with a 1 mile run and I have no idea what my total time was with that because my phone, which I use as a stopwatch, rebooted once I started running. The run seemed like a reasonable pace though, maybe 8:00 or a bit less.

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