Friday, September 25, 2009

Wax on wax off ungainly Danielsan!

So Sarah and I got up this morning and did the Kempo X workout. This is something like a kickboxing or Tae-Bo workout. It was fun but let me say it is a good thing I did not have to really kick someones ass because I am one uncoordinated boob. I almost fell over several times trying to do some of the kicking moves and my kicks are pretty low compared to theirs. I sort of got a groove as things went on though, I discovered I was going a little too fast and once I stopped trying to keep up with the video and just concentrated on myself I started doing much better. The trick seems to be start in a good balanced position and do one move returning to the good balanced position before attempting the next move. My problem was I was going too fast and tripping over myself.

The workout did not seem nearly as strenuous as the plyometrics was but that could also be because I was trying to figure out the moves which was not as much of an issue with the plyometrics workout. I did work up a good sweat though and I liked the workout. The heart rate monitors are great and I would highly recommend one to anyone working out at home, hell I might even take it to the gym if I go back. It has alarms that go off, if you set it up that way, when I drop below or go above my target training zone which is also adjustable. They select the zone and max HR for you based on height, weight, and activity level information you program in but you can also adjust that. I was training at about 85% of max using the max the device calculated for me and it was about where I want to be based on what I have been doing at the gym, 160-165 bpm.

Sofia woke up again before we were done but again she just sat on the sofa drinking milk and watching us finish. It appears the morning workouts will be OK as long as she does not get bored of watching. I like the warm up sessions before the workouts and the stretches are good and seem well targeted to that days workout but to me the post workout cool down and stretch period is a little lacking. I have added some additional stretches after the workout both days and think I will continue to do so. for me post workout stretching is very important due to my back problems so if you have any similar issues you may want to consider adding some additional daily stretches as well. Sarah did a little extra stretching but not as much as I did.

Well that is it, the real deal starts on Monday. We may do the X-Stretch routine this weekend but I doubt we will do anything else. I would not want to be all sore for the first day, that will come soon enough. We also have some grocery shopping to do this weekend, I think we need like 1000 pounds of chicken breasts and a truckload of cottage cheese. We may end up in the poor house from this whole thing but we will be in damn good shape when we get there. It should be fun and I am looking forward to seeing the results. Took my weight again this morning just to double check and was dead on 160 pounds. We printed out a bunch of worksheets to keep track of everything, workouts and diet, and put them into a couple of binders and we are ready to bring it!! We will see what happens.

And by the way, my calves are so sore today I can't believe it. No problem during the workout after the warmup but steps are abitch right now.

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