Thursday, September 24, 2009


Well we got up early yesterday to try out one of the workouts and see if the timing was going to work out with work and the kids wake up times. We did the plyometrics workout and it was pretty intense. I had to stop twice for about 30 seconds because I thought I was going to puke, I didn't. My calves are sore today for sure. I liked this workout, it reminded me of some of the of ice practices we used to do for hockey practice when I was in college. Sofia, our 18 month old, woke up with about 30 minutes left in the workout so we brought her down and gave her some milk and she watched us finish. It worked out pretty well but if she is up that early every day she may grow bored with watching us and we might have to move the workouts to the evening. I was showered and had eaten in plenty of time to get to work so that should be fine.

While the DVD run time is something like an hour the actual workout time not including the warm up and cool down periods is more like 45 minutes or so and that is a good thing because I don't think I could have done it for another 15 minutes without puking. I was pretty tired during the day but that is likely due to the fact that I did not go to sleep as early as I wanted to the night before, that will change once I am doing this intense of a workout every morning. I had problems getting my heart rate again so I went out last night and bought a heart rate monitor so I can more accurately track my workouts. I use the monitors on the equipment at the gym when I go and I like them as a way to track how hard I am working. Sarah, my wife, got one too that she believes will help her push a little harder because she said she felt like she was not pushing as hard as she should. The monitors have alarms that can sound when you drop below your target range or go above it. This should be a good addition to our equipment but I will say we have spent a good bit of money on equipment but at least I can now work out at home instead of going to the gym because it is nice to be at home for breakfast with the family. We redid the maximum heart rate test last night using the heart rate monitors and got some more reasonable numbers. I will post the new results tonight since I don't have them with me, this is a good workout tool. I have heard some people say they don't like Tony's personality and they do the workouts without his comments turned on, I did not have a problem with him talking but I will admit I was paying pretty close attention because I did not know what I was doing yet. I may change my mind about Tony after a while. So far so good. We are planning on doing another one on Friday and then we start for real on Monday morning.

Resting HR 54
Heart Rate Maximizer following 2 minutes of jumping jacks
0 minutes 162 bpm
1 minute 94 bpm
2 minutes 79 bpm
3 minutes 69 bpm
4 minutes 66 bpm

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