Monday, September 21, 2009

Fit Test

So I took the fit test today. This is just a set of exercises they have you do both before you do the program and after you finish. I was a little surprised with how few of some of these things I was able to do, especially the pull ups but man they are hard. For those of you who used to be in the suck these are pull ups with no kip. Also, I have not done a wall squat since I was made an example of in boot camp and forced to do so by my DI. Damn those things are a pain in the ass.

Resting heart rate 57 bpm
Pull-Ups 6.5 (I know but they said to count half)
Vertical leap (There is no running start here)
  • Standing Reach 86"
  • Leaping Reach 103"
  • Difference 17"
Push-Ups 25
Toe Touch -2" (That is 2" from being able to reach my toes while seated)
Wall Squat 58 seconds
Bicep Curl 11 reps with 25 lbs.
In & Outs 25 (Let's hear it Lenny)
Heart Rate Maximizer following 2 minutes of jumping jacks
  • 0 minutes 116 bpm
  • 1 minute 102 bpm
  • 2 minutes 86 bpm
  • 3 minutes 86 bpm
  • 4 minutes 80 bpm
I don't know how much I trust the heart rate measurements. I did not buy a heart rate monitor and I really suck at taking my heart rate. I am confident the resting rate is correct but the others seem a bit strange based on what I normally see at the gym during cardio workouts.

So now for the fun stuff, before pictures. If I was thinking I would have shaved my head before these were taken but I did not. Keep in mind that I have lost 23 pounds in the last 7 months or so and it was mostly around my waist. It will be interesting to see what the progress looks like going forward. I plan to take pictures and post them at about 30, 60 and 90 days.

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