Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weak Ass Women

Now that I got your attention with the title have a read of the article I am referring to here. The message is clear ladies, get to the gym and get there now. I do take issue with the little box at the end of the article titled "Three Easy Ways to Fight Back." I have talked about this before, if it is easy you are doing it wrong. I have no problem with the suggestions given there but to suggest this is all you need to do to build muscle is irresponsible. If you want to build some muscle you need to be lifting heavy weights and everyone should want to build some muscle. Not that you want to be a bodybuilder but do large muscle group exercises and full body exercises and do them with heavy weights. Deadlifts, squats, push press, cleans, etc. So get to the gym girls you won't get too muscular.

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