Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Workout

I did nothing on Wed. I was on travel for work and the way the schedule worked out I had to be at meetings real early in the morning so it just didn't happen. I went in today and we did a warm up starting with a 500 meter row followed by 3 rounds:

  • 10 PVC around the world
  • 10 medicine ball cleans (light weight)
  • 10 wall ball shots (light weight)
I used a 12# ball for the warm up. We then did some skill work on a new move I had never done before. 10 minutes working on one arm kettlebell snatches. This is an interesting one that takes some practice to get right without smacking your arm with the kettlebell. I was a bit surprised to find I was better with my left arm than right. Next we moved on to the workout which was prescribed as follows:


  • Bear complex (95/65)
  • Box jump (24/20)
* Penalty if you drop the bar, hands come off the bar, or you drop to your knees is 3 burpees immediately.

If you don't recall the bear complex this video will show it. Doing this move 21 times in a row is pretty daunting. I started out with the prescribed 95# on the bar and made it through to rep 16 like taht and had to drop to 75#. I should have done 3 burpees at that point but forgot about it until later and just never did them. I might have been able to do the whole thing with 95# if I did not have to do the push press from behind my head, that just got too heavy by that point for that move and I was about to drop it on my head. I completed the workout in 27:21 with a lot of stopping at the bottom to rest for a few seconds. My legs were totally shot by the end and I could barely walk when it was over. This is a pretty brutal workout.

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